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Hi Guys n Gals!

Rick's Fishing Report

Captain Rick Pecci
The "Dreams Come True" Charters And Guide Service


General Information

It's now the beginning of January, and the Ice Fishing season is in full swing. 10 to 16 inches of ice on most area lakes due to the 2 weeks of sub-zero temperatures and the bite is on. The Steelhead fishing has slowed down due to the rivers being frozen. look for small windows of opportunity for warmer temps and you can get a few Steelhead trips in.

Lake Brown Trout

New Lake report in the spring.

Lake Salmon

New Report will start around June.


The river has been slow for now due to the sub-zero temps. Look for some warmer thaws and you can get a few trips in. There is still tons of fish just waiting for better temps. Sacks, beads and fly's are all taking fish.

Creek Fishing
No reports due to being frozen over.

Browns and Steelhead are now all the way up through to the dam.
More Steelhead than Brown Trout but both are being taken every day. Lots of fish at the dam if you can reach them. Egg sacks have been the best baits and some single beads under floats are also taking all species. Fly's and skein are also working to.

Ice Fishing
Walleye, Pike, Perch, Crappie and Blue gills are all being caught in many lakes through out the state. Tip-ups with minnows, Jigging and dead sticks are all getting fish. Oneida Lake, Sandy Pond, Chaumont Bay and many others are just a few places you can start on. Call local shops near your spot and you will get more detailed info.

ROD, ROD, ROD, WERE HOOKED UP.............
(Sound of reel screaming)