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Moose Body Mule Deer Hair For Spinning Comparadun Deer Hair
Moose Body
Our Price: $1.79
Comparadun Deer Hair
Our Price: $2.19
Great for mosquito and other quill type
bodies on dry & wet flies.
Natural deer graded for its spinning quality. Good Comparadun wings can only be tied properly with superfine hair.  
This hair is the right texture & length to meet your needs.
Calf Body Hair Natural Elk Hair Mustad Ultra Point Double Wide Live Bait Hooks
Calf Body Hair
Our Price: $2.19
Natural Elk Hair
Our Price: $2.69
Wulff wings, parachutes and tailing. The Elk hair caddis is one of the most popular dry flies in the world and this is the hair. Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, fine wire, turned up tapered eye, red.
Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks Golden Pheasant Complete Natural Tip Mcflyfoam Clown Package
Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks
Our Price: $3.29
Mcflyfoam Clown Package
Our Price: $3.99
Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks are some of the most versatile and strongest hooks on the market. Gamakatsu's Octopus Hooks feature short-shank, upturned eye, offset bend and extremely sharp points for quick penetration. Forged for strength and durability. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Has all the colors needed for the Clown Egg. Also good to stock as an assortment pack for someone who wants a variety of colors.
Daiichi 1120 Heavy Scud Hook Daiichi 1510 Glo Bug Hook Daiichi 1520 Steelhead Egg Hook
A down eye, 2X heavy, 1X short hook with a bronze finish. Ideal for scud, shrimp, pupae, etc. Originally introduced for flyfishermen who needed a tougher hook for more powerful fish, such as steelhead. A 3X short shank hook with a bronze finish. Ideal for eggs, spiders, and ants. A 2X heavy, 3X short hook with a bronze finish. Ideal for egg patters, spiders, and ants for large trout and steelhead.
Daiichi 1730 Stonefly Hooks Plastic Lacquer Applicator Bottle Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
This hook was designed to enhance the natural appearance of stonefly patterns. By using pre-formed hooks you don't compromise any metal by manually bending a streamer hook. These are a 3X long, 1X strong hook with a bronze finish. You can now match your trailer hook wire to your fly. Doubled over tests out at over 50lbs breaking strength and is stiff enough to hold the hook in position without fowling. For hook sizes 6 or larger.
Senyo'S Thin Intruder Trailer Hook Wire Daiichi 1100 Hooks Wide Gape Dry Fly Hook Down Eye Daiichi 1110 Wide Gape Dry Fly Hooks Straight Eye
For hook sizes 6 or smaller.
Daiichi 1120 Heavy Wire Scud Hooks Daiichi 1130 Wide Gape Scud Hooks Daiichi 1160 Klinkhamer Hooks Bronze
Continuous bend, down-eye, 2X Heavy , 1X-short shank, forged, reversed 25 pack
Uses: Scud, Shrimp, Grubs, Pupae, San Juan Worm, Nymphs
Continuous bend, down-eye, 1X-fine wire, 1X-short shank, forged, reversed 25 pack
Uses: Scud, Shrimp, Grubs, Pupae, San Juan Worm, Nymphs
Daiichi 1167 Klinkhamer Hooks Black Nickel Daiichi 1170 Traditional Dry Fly Hooks Daiichi 1180 Standard Dry Fly Hooks
Continuous bend, Straight-eye, 1X-fine wire, emerger hook, black nickel  25 pack Round bend, Standard Shank, Down eye Standard barb, Flat Forged, Bronze 25 pack
Uses: Traditional Dry Flies
Daiichi 1182 Low Viz Dry Fly Hooks Daiichi 1190 Barbless Dry Fly Hooks Daiichi 1222 Darrel Martin's Dry Fly Hooks
Round bend,  down eye, standard wire, standard length, “barbless” 25 pack
Uses: Traditional Dry Flies
Daiichi 1230 Weamer's Trueform Mayfly Hooks Daiichi 1640 Shor Shank Straight Eye Hooks Daiichi 1280 2X-Long Dry Fly Hooks
Round bend, down-eye,  2X long
upturned shank, 25 pack
Uses: Dry flies
Round bend, straight eye, 2X-short shank.
Ideal for use with the Magic Heads due to the straight eye and nice gape.